Friday, March 28, 2014

Electric Bakery Tonight at Stella Blues in New Haven!!!

Electric Bakery Jammin' at JFoster Music Studio

Apologies for the late notice!!!The Electric Bakery is Playing Tonight at Stella Blues in New Haven!!!!

 Here's a little taste for those not in the know;):)!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Pics From No More No Less

A Few Pre -Opening  No More No Less Exhibition Pics

The Show is up until April 5th at the Washington Art Association, Washington Depot, CT. 
Hours are 10AM- 5PM, Tuesday Thru Saturday.

 Moth Tree of Khali and Me

Lisa Brody

Caroline Harman

No More No Less
An exhibition of paintings and Drawings by Lisa Brody, Bridget Grady, and Caroline Harman

Saturday, March 8, 2014

49 Degrees

And it feels like July......... More or Less.

Here's our  reminder for the" No More No Less" Exhibit at the Washington  Art Association featuring Lisa Brody, Caroline Harman, and myself. The opening reception is today from 4PM - 6PM.
On the topic of July, here are some process shots of my "After Carroll" piece on did in the weed fest of a garden this summer.(Weedy gardens are more interesting to paint:), Thank god for cool neighbors!).

" After Carroll", 20" x 40", Oil on Canvas- Bridget Grady

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


And Three There Shall Be.
Lisa Brody, Caroline Harman, and myself.(Watch out for the beavers:)!)

Here's a little pre-show imagery at my studio. Some of this work has traveled up to  Washington Art Association's "No More No Less" exhibition. 
Don't forget the Opening is this Saturday, March 8th, from 4PM to 6PM!!!!
 Bridget Grady- Blue Horse Arts Studio

 Bridget Grady- Blue Horse Arts Studio

 Bridget Grady- JFoster Music Studio

Pardon the Blur. It was a pretty low light  kind of day.Besides, seeing it on the internet is not the same as being there:).

Saturday, March 1, 2014


 Caroline Harman

Caroline Harman will also be showing at the NO MORE, NO LESS  exhibition at the Washington Art Association. The opening reception for this exhibition is March 8th from 4PM to 6PM. The show will run until April 5th. Among the works selected for this exhibition are her new paintings and some of the drawings which were featured at our  Drawing Conversations exhibition in 2012.That particular Field Projects Exhibition featured the drawings of Caroline Harman and Marc Chabot.(Stay tuned for his new website which will feature his own artwork). 

Caroline's drawing were later selected for the "Working It Out" exhibition at the Painting Center in NYC. That exhibition curated by  Mona Brody, Alyce Gottesman, Jo Ann Rothschild focused on drawings created in preparation for painting. I'm so looking forward to see the paintings that evolved from that body of work!!!!!

Caroline Harman - Drawing
Caroline Harman Artist's Statement

My work is an attempt to explore the baffling complexity of my own human experience as I relate to change and uncertainty. The drawings image a modern dreamscape in flux, where structures collapse and boundaries mutate, expand and contract. The tension of opposites is in continual play: creation and destruction, stasis and momentum, survival and extinction, the solid ground of now and the uncertainty of the future. As with dreams, the work echoes a familiar place, and is closely bound to emotional events that have been searched for and described through the unconscious. 
 Caroline Harman
The paintings move further away from definable space and its possibility of security by eliminating a sense of ground and releasing gravity’s hold on matter. The layering and partial veiling of forms, along with the inclusion of shifting scales and multiple vantage points, creates a kaleidoscope that fractures any narrative about permanence. Interactions occur with such frequency and density that only a part of what is happening can be perceived. With this type of alchemy, as with any creation mythology, when structures break down, the new forms do not come forth immediately. They emerge out of the chaos as a result of holding the tension of opposites. It is a space where everything previously held true has disintegrated and become ash. Gradually the remains re-form into deeper, more complex patterns, evolving into an eternal swoop of sensations and an unexpectedly beautiful psychic unity.

 For the NO MORE, NO LESS Exhibition I am putting in an order for NO MORE SNOW!!!!!!:)!