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More quick studies

November 24th 2013, 4" x 6", Oil , B.Grady

November 18th 2013, 4" x 6", Oil , B.Grady

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An Update On Everything That's Gone On Lately

I know, not the most creative title:)! but what can I say we've been kind of crazy busy:)! It's good thing. So here's the news!
 "Conversation With Pieter and Paul", Combined Media Digital and Acrylic , B.Grady

I will be presenting a lecture on my work at Post University on November 19th from 1-2:30 in McDermid Hall Auditorium. The talk will encompass the recent  community based projects I have been involved with that contemplate the effect of industrialized agriculture on the environment.  For those who are unfamiliar with my work, these projects have included "Plight of the Pollinators," Animals in the City, "Crop Circle," and "Glut." The lecture is the first in a series of visiting artist  presentations that the university will be hosting. The artist's talk  is free and open to the public. A special thank you! to Ginger Hanrahan and John Rohlfing of the Post University Art Department for this invitation!
 Here's the press release for this event.
 Image by Jay Foster

"Ms. Grady will discuss her experience creating and curating community based art projects that focus on issues in the environment. She works either as the principal artist producing works for exhibition or the initiator of these endeavors.
Most recently, Ms. Grady collaborated with the Flanders Nature Center and Land Trust on Plight of the Pollinators. The central premise of the show, which featured an international group of artists, was to raise awareness of the vital importance of pollinators in maintaining the health of our food and eco-systems. The project involved a six-month program that incorporated interdisciplinary practices, educational art/science workshops, lectures, and resource information through both physical and social media platforms. 
The culminating exhibition was held at the “Field Projects” exhibition space in Watertown, CT.
 Image by Jay Foster
In her presentation Ms. Grady will discuss her work, and the natural development of ideas and how it feeds the creative process. In addition, she will describe how her work is applied to community development and awareness and gives artists an opportunity to engage in collaborative initiatives that push the boundaries of the traditional art practice. A reception with light refreshments will follow the talk".

 Animal or Vegetable 1, 12" x 12", Oil on Panel , B.Grady
I have also been selected for  the Manifest International PaintingAnnual 4 (INPA 4) for the still life piece "Animal or Vegetable 1", which is an extention of the "Crop Circle" project and subtly alludes to questions around the genetic engineering of food.
This is the second time I have had the privilege of being selected for this international competition. The painting "Conversation with Pieter and Paul"  from the "Glut" project was published in the first year of this painting  competition, the INPA 1. Last year a work commissioned Dianne Parmalee of  the Flanders Nature Center and Land Trust to raise funds for their animal program was also selected for  Manifest's International Drawing Annual (INDA 7)
Dianne was a main instigator and collaborator the Plight of the Pollinators project that resulted from that drawing!).  

Artist- Ben Ni
A selection of works from the Crop Circle project are currently on exhibit at the LQM Gallery  located on 165 State Street, Harris Building Atrium, Suite 106 in New London, Connecticut, where I was an invited participant for a panel discussion on women in the arts. 

The panel was put together by Qimin Liu, Professor of Painting at Eastern Connecticut State University and  Iranian- American artist Afarin Rahmanifar, who was the moderator for the panel. Middlebury artist Leeah Joo was also an invited panelist. 

The panel discussion included the four Chinese women artists taking part in the ICAS (International Contemporary Art Space) International Residency program hosted by LQM Gallery. The main exhibition, "East Meets West;An Exploration of Women Artists and Cultural Impact", featured Ben Ni, Guan Yuling, Xu Chunli,Zhang Shuyun. My paintings are still on view there until the end of November by the gracious extension of gallery director Qimin Liu.

 Leeah Joo
Afarin Rahmanifar
 Leeah Joo was also the consulting artist in the winning animation piece submitted by Westover School Students for the Plight of the Pollinator's  exihibition. 

Both Afarin  Rahmanifar and Leeah Joo were featured in Carina Tautu's  documentary film " Where Beauty Lies" sponsored by the The Mattatuck Museum Arts and History Center commissioned this  film to document the Josephine McMillen and Lois Livingston McMillen Exhibit. The film explored the studio lives of five contemporary  Connecticut women artists including Mia Brownell, Susan Madacsi and Eleanor Miller. Check out the video below.

The LQM Gallery is beautiful so if you are looking for a day trip this weekend head on over to LQM in New London!


Check out our  exhibition of Hollis Dunlap's Drawings. This small selection of drawings will be on view until the end of the month. Gallery Hours 12PM-5PM Weekends and by Appointment. 860-417-3243

Painting by Qimin Liu -LQM Gallery

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Hollis Dunlap Workshop Pics

Hollis Dunlap Demo
 A sincere Thank You!! goes out to everyone who made the Hollis Dunlap Workshop this past weekend. And a special thanks to Hollis!

It was a great weekend at the studio! We got to meet some new friends and talented painters from both coasts along with some new artists in  our own home state.

Hollis gave great instruction and an extremely informative demonstration throughout the class. I'll have to say I thought my palette was limited but I really am taken by the simplicity of his 4 color palette!

I highly recommend this talented painter as a mentor if one gets an opportunity to study with him! 
I should have taken more pictures but I was too engrossed in the experience:)!

Sarah LaRose, Hollis Dunlap, Suchitra Bhosle

Hollis has graciously allowed us to extend his show of drawings until the end of the month. The hours are weekends, 12-5PM and by appointment. Call or email the Studio at  860-417-3243 or

Image left
Father and Daughter team Joel and Sarah LaRose

Image Right - Alfonsina Betancourt, Suchritra Boshle, Carroll MacDonald, Hollis Dunlap,Veronica Smucker

  Carroll MacDonald, Yolanda Mazzoni, And the elusive Rita whose lovely image cannot be captured  through the lens :)!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hollis Dunlap Drawing Exhibition Gallery Hours

Drawings by Hollis Dunlap 

 Hollis Dunlap

For the folks who missed last week's awesome "Sketch Jam," featuring Kristie Holiday on Vocals and Jay Foster on guitar and the concurrent opening for Hollis Dunlap's  exhibition of selected drawings, the gallery will open this weekend!

The exhibition hours at in our Field Projects Gallery Space at Blue Horse Arts Studio are  this Saturday and Sunday November 2nd & 3rd 12PM -5PM and by appointment.

Hollis Dunlap will also be holding a two day intensive Figure Painting Workshop on November 9th and 10th from 9AM- 4PM.  Click Here for more information or call 860-417-3243.

Hollis Dunlap