Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hesitant Squirrel Today! at 3-5PM!

Just a reminder that Hesitant Squirrel is this month's Sketchjam  musical guest.

Here is our own Resident Hesitant Squirrel! His name is RoadKill 1963 and he was kindly donated by Diane Parmalee of Flanders. RK, as we call him, is a frequent model for our drawing classes. He was the willing model for  Jill and Mike O' Meara's first Intro to Watercolor  Birthday celebration class!
Happy Birthday Jill!!!!! 
Jill O' Meara's Wet on Wet Work in Progress!

Mike's First Rainbow Trout

AT 3-5PM!

Jill and Mike O' Meara :)!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hesitant Squirrel!!! Sketch Jam this Sunday!

April's Artists - Hesitant Squirrel!

J Foster Music and Blue Horse Arts Studios are pleased to announce the April 2013 Edition of their monthly music and art event known as the Sketch Jam. For the uninitiated, Sketch Jam is a free, open to the public, musical event featuring local musicians. Artists are invited and encouraged to record the event using their sketch book, brush and canvas, or any form of artistic expression. Of course anyone that just wants to soak in this creative environment is also welcome.
This month’s musical guest is Hesitant Squirrel, a Bluegrass Band from Northwest Connecticut. Hesitant Squirrel features: Nathan Day on guitar and vocals, Pat MacDonald on mandolin and vocals, Steven Bacher on banjo and vocals, Bart Holcomb on bass, Colin Hickey-Schiappa on fiddle, and Matt Lauretano on dobro and vocals.
The event will held on Sunday, April 28th, from 3 to 5 pm at J Foster Music Studio located at 250 Porter Street in Watertown. As always, the Sketch Jam is free and open to the public, so come own down and have a good time. For more info email or call (860) 417-3243.

You know I love their name:)!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Carroll MacDonald at the Morrison Gallery

Carroll MacDonald

Paintings are meant to be seen in person. The internet, with its sexy illumination, or photography, with its color and texture translated by the machine, are no substitute for the physical experience of the painted image. IMHO.

That said, you'll be in for a treat at the Morrison Gallery on April 27th for an exhibition of Carroll MacDonald's new paintings.Carroll's work delivers this physical experience by holding a delicate tension between lyrical color and vigorous paint handling.The result is sumptuous works of painterly orchestration gleaned from observation and memory.

The opening is on Saturday, April 27th from 5-7 PM. 
The Show runs from April 27th- May 26th.

Carroll MacDonald

Carroll MacDonald
Carroll MacDonald
Carroll MacDonald is a fine art graduate from Bennet College and a long time student of Frank Mason.She has exhibited in numerous galleries throughout New England and New York.The National Academy of Design, the Paris-New York-Kent Gallery,the Paul Melon Art Center are among some of those venues.Carroll's paintings can be found in the collections of the William Benton  Museum of Art,the New York Graphics Society,the Art Student's League of New York among other corporate collections.
Anne Huibregtse
Showing along with Carroll are two other artists  that I really look forward to seeing.
Sculptor Anne Huibregtse's intriguing bovines in bronze and Robert Lenz's  alluring monotype depictions of quiet countrysides will also be on view.

Robert Lenz

Its  going to be a great show!
For More information please contact the Morrison Gallery

 The MORRISON GALLERY is located at 8 Old Barn Road ,Kent, Connecticut, 06757
HOURS: Wednesday - Saturday 10:30 AM - 5:30 PM | Sunday 1 PM - 4 PM

 Image Credits:
The Morrison Gallery
Hugh O'Donnell Workshops


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pollinators in the News! and General Randomness

Jim Toia - Petri Island Project
I recently came across an  article while wandering through the wilderness of the web in Orion Magazine's blog which referenced Jim Toia's Petri Island Project.
It was a great article by Charles C. Mann. (Here's a link to the post).
Coming across Jim's work inspired me to see where the wind had swept some of our Pollinators in the past year.(I can't believe we are coming up on nearly a year since the Plight of the Pollinators project came to fruition)!
I did a check in at Flanders with Dianne Parmalee to get an update on how the Beekeeping Workshops had fared.
Not only were the hives thriving but  the group has new members and last week new bees arrived for this years season.!Some found homes with last years beginning  beekeepers!!! Now that is what I call success!

Listed below are a few of the projects and shows the artists of Plight of the Pollinators have been involved with. Apologies if all who participated aren't currently presented!!! Here is a link to the show online.
If you are new here and wondering what this is all about you can check out the Plight of the Pollinators on our Field Projects Gallery page here.

Scout K. Austin
Scout Austin's work and that of Angela Devenney will be in the " "Pollination: Evolving Miracles," at the Atrium Art Gallery, at the University of Southern Maine, Lewiston- Auburn College. The show open's April 19th-June 7, 2013.

Jennifer Knaus

Jennifer Knaus's painting has been included in "The Art of the Heirloom" traveling exhibition  put together by Michael Asbill of KMOCA. The show travels from the Arts Center of the Capital Region,  Horticultural Society of New York, NYC., and the Philadelphia Flower Show, Philadelphia, PA. The  show was sponsored by Horticulture Magazine.
The Hudson Valley Seed Library, whose seed packets are graced with these artists images, would be a great place to get your seeds for this years planting season!!!

Anne Siems- ANIMAL SHAMAN, 2013
acrylic and mixed media on panel, 52" x 40"
 Anne Siems, also represented by LittleJohn Contemporary in NYC, as is Jennifer Knaus, has an upcoming show in June. Her exhibit " Healing" opens June 1st-vbn.

Kat Ely had a solo exhibition,"Seeds and Spores" in August, 2012, at the McGladrey Art Gallery at the Bentley Library in Waltham, Mass.


Kat Ely-Ganoderma applanatum; red oak, glass; 37.5″x13″x13″, 2012

Scott Trevelyan of Australia, has been involved in a number of interesting projects and exhibitions since P.O.P.  A solo exhibition of his work,"Honeybee Hardships" took place this past November.
Currently he is in a group print exhibition entitled "Corporeal" which features some of his prints

Scott Trevelyan

M.Genevieve Hitchings- Urban Pollinators

M. Genevieve Hitchings has a great new interactive piece on her site Artorium, "The Business of Higher Education." You can check out her Urban Pollinators  project there and I love her interactive piece on Snow Leopards that she did for the Wildlife Conservation Fund.

Aaron Birk
Aaron Birk, our "Field Projects" award winner and author of the "Pollinators Corridor," was the featured artist interview on Bronxnet along with being reviewed on "Restoring the Waters" and "Underground Reviews".

The Seriously Awesome Beehive Design Collective is looking for some new pollinators!!!Check that info out here!
And please continue to support their awesomeness:)!

The Beehive Design Collective

Thank you once again  on behalf of our pollinators, to everyone who participated in this project with their work and support in all the forms that that manifested!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Beavers at Hemingway Pond

Beaver at Dusk
Here's some recent pics of our resident beaver family.I was fortunate enough to catch the kids playing at dusk.
Check out this link to read about on how the beavers out west helped to contain the Chevron Oil spill.

Off to explore!