Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sketch Jam Sunday!

Some scenes from Sunday's Sketch Jam!!

Billy Cactus
Thank you to all the great people who came out to celebrate,
Mardi Gras Style,
the memory of our friend and musician 
Jimmy Deak!

Dave Greene

Dan Tortora

Jay Foster, Mike Nappi, and Mike O'Mara


The Youngsters getting a start on figure drawing!
Alex Alves

Jay Foster by Ethan age 14 (first figure drawing)!

Textile Artists!

The best thing about these gigs is one can choose their own style of creative participation!


Special Thanks go out to;
Mike Nappi on drums(all the way from NYC!),
Mike O' Mara on bass,
Dan Tortora on keys,
Kevin Farrell on pedal steel,
Alex Alves on vocals
Billy Green and Dave Greene of the Billy Cactus Band.

Thank You Tim MacSweeney for setting up the video!(Coming Soon)!

And Thank You! Becky for the King Cake and your mother's recipe:)!

Eating is considered mandatory participation:)!

Sue Farrell and Becky Blossom-Alves ( Hyper-Reality:))!

Mike O'Mara fixing his crazy root beer and milk concoction!( It actually is really tasty)

Alice Takin' It All In

Monday, February 18, 2013

February Sketch JAM!!!!!

J Foster Music Studio is proud to present and host the February edition of the free monthly Sketch Jam event. For the uninitiated, Sketch Jam is a free, open to the public, musical event featuring local musicians. Artists are invited and encouraged to record the event using their sketch book, brush and canvas, or any form of artistic expression. Of course anyone that just wants to soak in this creative environment is also welcome!

This months Sketch Jam is being held in honor and memory of the influential local musician Jimmy Deak. Jimmy’s love of music and incredible talent remain an inspiration to all who knew him. We will be remembering our old friend and outstanding musician with some of other old friends and equally outstanding musicians!

The musical festivities will start off at 2 pm with Billy Cactus (Jimmy’s brother and always a treat)! Mr. Cactus offers up his own unique style of country music that is both raucous and genuinely heartfelt.
Mike Nappi on Drums  ,48" x 72",Oil on Paper Circa 1993,B.Grady

The second act of the Sketch Jam features a sampling of the Music of New Orleans featuring selected works by The Meters and Dr. John. The line up includes Mike Nappi on drums, Mike O’Mara on bass, Dan Tortora on keyboards, Alex Alves on guitar and vocals, and Jay Foster on guitar. In keeping with the spirit of New Orleans and Mardi Gras, attendees are encouraged to wear something purple, gold, or green, or all of the above.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Saturday, February 2, 2013


This was what looked like an interesting conversation held in our back yard this morning. It seemed rather one-sided with the crow essentially yelling at the hawk. Based on the expression on the hawk's face,he didn't seem too impressed.
Speaking of conversation, our "Drawing Conversations" show with Marc Chabot and Caroline Harman is extended through February. Yay! Gallery hours for February are by appointment only,(or if you happen to catch us while we are teaching or working in the studio)!
Check out the lecture by Tracey O'Shaughnessey that is on our You Tube Channel. The second part is almost done and we will also be posting the Artist's talk and lecture on drawing by Marc Chabot, that was held in January, in the near future.
 Stay tuned for more events coming this February! Especially our Sketchjam!!!
 Happy Ground Hog Day!