Saturday, December 29, 2012

Changed My Mind:)

Changed my mind. I will be here until the weather gets out of hand:)!

Looks like snow again so we won't be open after a 11:30 AM today!!!!
December 2012 Heminway Pond

I caught a glimpse of one of our little friends utilizing the convenience store they  have constructed in front of their lodge. On the warmer days I've seen them out adding to this apron of sticks. I think there is about seven residents living in these winter digs. Four youngsters and two ginormous parents.

Beaver version  of a 7-11

I imagine they will be hunkering down for impending storm.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sketch Jam Pics!

Thank you!!!to everyone who came to JFoster Music's Sketch Jam this past Sunday! Thank You Eric, Frank, and Rich  of "RiverJack" for Playing! And Laura Webb too! Applause to those who got into the creative spirit and did a little drawing and painting!
Here's some pic's. Hope to see you at the next one in January!



Laura Webb- Jammer



 Fellow Cookie Monsters!


Grateful Dead Fan Art Publication
donated  to the 
Blue Horse Arts Library
Patroness of the Arts 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thank You!

Tracey O' Shaughnessy
I just want to say Thank You! to all the people who made today's event Great!
To Tracey O' Shaughnessy for  generously sharing  her time to present a really great lecture.
To Caroline Harman and Marc Chabot for exhibiting their really great works!

Blue Horse Arts and Jay Foster Music

Blue Horse Arts and Jay Foster Music
To our awesome friends, Kellie Lambert-Maguire and Cailin, Anne Flynn,Ginger Hanrahan, Lee Cordon, Becky Blossom, Alex, Becky Sue, Harriot, Jean, Jessica,  Jenna, Sam D'Ambruoso, Dick and Carol Marty(also feast sponsor!),Mr. and Mrs. Milner,Mrs. Lamphier, Mike Yurgeles, Laura, and Melody.And to all of our new Friends!

Many,many Thanks to our amazing sponsors of the feast, Gayle of Gayle's Farm Shoppe (not a cookie left!),Heiu's homemade chocolate confections, Mrs. D'Ambruoso's Italian cookies,and Cavallo's Italian Treats!
This event was also made possible by our secret Santa, Bob Grady!!!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sneak Peek and Goodies

 Drawing Conversations - Caroline Harman and Marc Chabot- Field Projects
Here's a couple of "Sneak Peeks" of the show were are having this coming Saturday and some goodies for under the tree:)!
Cookies by Gayle's Farm Shoppe
We want to thank Gayle from Gayle's Farm Shoppe,  for donating some mm-mm good,fresh baked cookies and pies for our event!! If you haven't sampled her famous 3 for 3 Dollars Breakfast you are totally missing out!
She is taking orders for pies and cookies until December 15th at bargain prices. 9.99 for Apple, Blueberry, Peach, Pumpkin, Chocolate Cream, Coconut Cream, Pecan, Minced Meat, and Cherry! 860-274-7353

Xavier trying out the Art Horse

Dick Marty of Brookside Cabinetry, located in Bethlehem Connecticut, brought over a couple of his "Art Horses"  for us to use at our SketchJam on Sunday. These are really ingenious.They are made of birch,very strong and light, and can be quickly dis-assembled for storage. They come with a canvas carrying tote.Great gift for the artist's studio!!! You can contact Dick at 203-266-6990.
Tracey O'Shaughnessy
There is nothing better that a great read for Christmas, so of course you can pick up Tracey' O Shaughnessy's book at the exhibit on Saturday. Tracey will have her books available for purchase. Fifteen dollars for one or two for twenty. Great stocking stuffer! Especially signed by the author!! Tracey O' Shaughnessy's  talk and book signing will begin at 1PM on Saturday, December 8th. Afterward we can all eat  Gayle's cookies and pies during the reception for Tracey ,Caroline, and Marc from 2PM-4PM. :).

The SketchJam  is on Sunday, December 9th, from 3PM-5PM.

See you there!!!!!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012



"the day will need to be climbed, vertically"
     charcoal, graphite & pastel on paper
     43” x 29-1/8”

citizens of nothing
     charcoal, graphite & pastel on paper
     43” x 29-1/8”

The exhibition title "Drawing Conversations" has its roots in wildly tangential chats on art and meaning, between myself and my friend and fellow artist, Anne Flynn. Anne is an artist, art therapist, Jungian Psycho-Analytical candidate, and student of art history. Her base of knowledge is broad and multivalent. These informal dialogues have spanned over years and oceans. 
Anne possesses talent both in her visual work and her ability to weave into words the often difficult translation of visual language. She gifts us with tangible connections to the seemingly intangible.
When in referring to the connections between author Tracey O' Shaughnessy’s work, "Every Little Thing" and the work of the two visual artists, Anne points out that what Tracey articulates in her essays  is  that "what endures is what is found in the deeply personal, and what endears us to people are their unique foibles rather than their perfection. This premise ties into the visual artist's work as a deeply personal unvarnished expression and that is why we are intrigued or moved by it. In an era of high technology, when the means of production have become so sophisticated, something  as simple as handwritten letter or a personal story, as told by Tracy, become connections to the reality of the lived experience and therefore profoundly meaningful. These drawings reveal something deeply personal that touches a place of feeling that is universally relatable. This relatedness is the antidote to the irony of post modernism and the disassociation of pseudo modernism.” 
(see links below post)

"the pressure of moving air keeps the fragile lung inflated"
      charcoal, graphite & pastel on paper
      33-1/8” x 28-5/8”

At the heart of my work is a candid examination of personal vulnerability and genuine tenderness, and an attempt to render a private experience in which the dropping of the self-protective stance has been a pressing matter of survival. I have attempted to make drawings that reach for a certain kind of freedom from concept or metaphor, allowing a new type of language to arise that describes my own personal confusion and struggle in the face of uncontrollability, dissolution and loss. This inquiry moves beyond the artist as creator, or player, or relative witness, which touches only a part of the overall picture, and drops headlong into the unconscious – into a deep crevasse of uncertainty that echoes the current collective cultural psychological state.

"a queer, when-did-that-happen metamorphosis"
      charcoal, graphite & pastel on paper
      33-1/8” x 28-5/8”

In the dense weave of space and forms within the drawings, an avalanche of shapes is flimsily held in place by ropes, nets, fences and compressed space. Upward spirals strain away from the downward momentum with the compression-expansion action of a lung, or a ventilator. Most attempts to pin down the verifiably concrete are scrambled. Marks of graphite and charcoal coalesce into gnarled webs. Large expanses heave and twist before mutating into fascinatingly dense and knotty terrain. It is a world where boundaries are fluid and planes are deliberately tipped and upended. The only elements that remain absolute are space and the oscillating energy of a breath.

The intimate, detailed language of drawing forces me to step out of the river of fast time, slowing down so much that I move beyond concept to a place of exposure. The drawing process simultaneously mimics and determines the content of each piece, where nothing is certain, and no outcome is clear. With this type of alchemy, as with any creation mythology, when structures break down, the new forms do not come forth immediately. They emerge out of the chaos as a result of holding the tension of opposites. It is the space where everything previously believed true has begun to disintegrate and become ash. Gradually the remains re-form into deeper, more complex patterns, evolving into a new reality, something as yet unknown. 

"scuttling in vectors"
     charcoal, graphite & pastel on paper
     43” x 29-1/8”
Tracey O' Shaughnessy Interview on the Faith Middleton Show
The Death of Post- Modernism and Beyond

"Every Little Thing" by Tracey O' Shaughnessy
Tracey O' Shaughnessy Lecture and Book Signing
Drawing Conversations: An exhibition of Drawing by Caroline Harman and Marc Chabot
December 8th, 2012 Lecture and Reception 1PM-4PM 
(Lecture by Tracey O' Shaughnessy begins at 1PM)
The "Field Project"s gallery at Blue Horse Arts and JFoster Music Studios
250 Porter Street, Watertown, CT. 06795

Cover Art for "Every Little Thing"
 by Danielle Mailer