Sunday, September 30, 2012

Groovin' on a Sunday Afternoon!

The Melonkali Flowers- Alex Alves and Jay Foster
Artist Lily Lamphier painting to the music

Our first Sketch Jam was a good time! Thank you everyone for turning out!We are looking forward to the next one! We had few artists responding to the grooves of the Melonkali Flowers.The artist of the day award goes to  5 year old, Lily Lamphier!
Her Dad's  a member of the band "Pollen" and hopefully will be  a featured artist in our next Sketch Jam, slated for sometime next month!

The second set was a special treat! Guitarist and luthier, Seth Hedu performed an awesome string of Jazz standards!

Once again a "Thank You" to Rita Quinn and her awesome donation of  Chocolate Banana Bread:)!
And to Mr. Felicci for his special recipe homemade fennel pretzels!!
Seth Hedu and Jay Foster
Sketch Jam!!!
Toe Tappin' to Jay and Alex


Saturday, September 29, 2012


Reminding everyone that we have our first edition of a monthly event called "SketchJam" tomorrow afternoon. Come down and listen to an acoustic set from the Melon Kali Flowers, featuring Jay Foster and  the always entertaining, Alex Alves. This week we are being treated to an appearance by guitarist and lutheier  Seth Hedu. So bring your sketchbooks or your just your ears:) and chill.

 Preferring the warmth and the dry inside to the cold and drizzle outside Carla sets up shop by the window. Our guests were once again entertained by the egret and three beavers!

It was pretty peaceful at the "Paint Out" today and fun!We had a few painters and artists show up to work or just hang in the studio. I think we'll just make this a regular Saturday thing(12PM-5PM). It's great to be supported by the company of other artists no matter the experience level! So if you are looking for some creative inspiration or just want to get a little nature time in stop in!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Newcomer!!!and Paint Out Reminder!

The Newcomer B.Grady
This handsome gentleman is a relative newcomer to our Hemingway Pond.I've seen snowy egrets here before but not much this summer.I watched this fellow catch and eat about four fish and a couple of frogs within a half an hour. Henry, that 's my name for our resident Great Blue Heron, was not amused and spent most of the day chasing him away from his favorite fishing spots.

Henry on high alert! B.Grady
The chase begins! B.Grady

 This went on and off all day B.Grady
This guy paid the ruckus they made no mind. B.Grady

The Paint Out is on Saturday, 12PM-5PM. Come on Down!!Bring your paints, sketchbooks, cameras, or just visit the new studios! Sunday is the SketchJam with the Melonkali Flowers and Special Guest, Seth Hedu. That event is also free. It is from 3PM-5PM.The lovely Rita Quinn has baked her special banana bread for the occasion. THANK YOU RITA!!!( Goes great with Cider). Once again artists bring your drawing gear and sketch while being serenaded by some fine muscians!!!

 Hemingway Pond September 27th,2012- B.Grady

Friday, September 21, 2012


Jim Toia- Petri Island Project Installation View 
 Artist Jim Toia and his lovely wife stopped by last weekend while we were "horsing around" in the studios to pick up his installation Bees Echo the Moon.
Our  own resident sculptors (A.K.A. the Beavers) were out and about, privileging our guests with an unusual day time  insight into their own working process.

Jim's had a busy summer with his Petri Island Project in Florida and his culminating exhibition at the Studios of Key West. Wish I had the chance to catch this show this summer!

Jim's has another exhibition coming up a little closer to home at  the Kim Foster Gallery in NYC.  The exhibition titled "Everything's Fine", is a showing of  his mushroom spore drawings.

The exhibition will be running October 11th,- November 10th, 2012

From Jim's Website:

Jim Toia has scoured the earth for years, examining the forest floor and collecting specimens for his art. Toia's method has been to find and expose characteristics in nature that are often unappreciated by the casual observer. What lies beneath an ant colony hole? How does a mushroom distribute its spore? Does a spider weave the same exact web time after time, and is it genetically coded to do so? Over the years, Toia has developed ways to capture such actions and structure, and unveil them to the viewer.
His new series of inky cap paintings follows that same line of inquiry. However, where Toia's earlier work kept a "hands off" policy, the new series introduces the artist's hand, manipulating nature and defining a new chapter in his artwork.
Inky caps slowly dissolve into a liquid form rather than expel dry spore into the air. The resulting staining that occurs creates an opportunity for Toia to alter and influence the process. The slow distribution allows the artist to manipulate the ink to flow in a specific direction, enhancing the end result. He continues to expose nature's tendencies, but now the viewer has the opportunity to look further into the artist's mind.
This is Toia's seventh solo exhibition at the Kim Foster Gallery. His work has been reviewed in numerous publications including the NewYork Times, Art in America, Sculpture Magazine,Time Out, Star Ledger, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Village Voice. Toia has just completed a artist-in-residency at The Studios of Key West with a collaborative installation that included over 1000 participants. 

For more information on Jim Toia please visit these links  
The Kim Foster Gallery

Article on the Petri Island Project

BY GWEN FILOSA Citizen Staff

Monday, September 17, 2012

Horsing Around the New Studios

 Main Studio- Charcoal Drawings B.Grady circa 2001

Main Studio

We've been on a long hiatus since our last project. The final construction on our new studio has taken place and we are at the finishing touches stage.YAY!! The address is still the same but Jay(JFosterMusic) and I have combined and expanded.
During the moving transition from our old spaces down the hall, I've had a chance to look at older work that I've had in storage and never properly photographed,and frankly forgot I did! Here's a few shots of some massive charcoal studies I did of my horse Rabbit,( he liked carrots...a lot),from a decade ago.


The Field Projects exhibition space at Blue Horse Arts and Jay Foster Music hours will be Thursday- Sunday 12PM-5PM and by appointment starting September 27th. We've been lining up our schedule of classes,exhibits and events. So stay tuned!

Jay Foster Testing out the accoustics in the Main Studio
This Months Events
 September 30th  we will be holding our first SKETCH JAM!The public is invited to come and listen to or draw some live musicians on Sunday afternoon from 3PM-5PM. Our first act will be the MelonKali Flowers,featuring Jay Foster and Alex Alves.So if you are  looking for something fun to do come on down and hang out in the new space!Light refreshments will be available.

Jay Foster Guitar Studio

Studio B  Still A Work in Progress

On Saturday September 29th ,12PM-5PM we'll be holding another Hemingway Pond Paint Out. Artists and Photographers of all abilities are invited to come and be inspired by the natural beauty of the pond and its residents. If you're lucky, the beavers might be out for some more live entertainment! Bring your own art supplies, although we do have some easels available. This event is rain or shine as you can work plein-air from the studio windows if the weather is not cooperative:).

Both events are free but we like to know how much coffee to brew, so drop us a line at or call 860-417-3243
Painters that like to get the morning light are welcome. Just give a call!
Hemingway Pond September 2012