Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Eagle Visits Hemingway Pond!

Yesterday it was a group of frolicking deer.This morning a Kingfisher.This afternoon I was working on a study of the pond,mixing ups some greys on my palette,when I noticed the crows flapping around this white thing. Being that I no longer possess the vision of an eagle I once had, I wasn't quite sure what it was they were harassing.
Eagle at Hemingway Pond-Blue Horse Arts Studio- March 27

Then it became clear. A Bald Eagle!!! and I ran for the camera!! Which, of course, had practically no battery left. I watched him for about 20 minutes and realized he was going to stick around, so I called Jay to come down and video our visitor.

Jay was able to get a bit of footage while our friend was zipping around the pond, apparently hunting, before he hid in the trees.

I saw one here a few years back, but I'm quite sure no one believed me.
Now we have Evidence!
( Albeit a bit blurry).

Friday, March 23, 2012

Lepidoptera Light

Lepidoptera Light-Approx. 7.5 x 7.5, Graphite on paper- Bridget Grady
Moths are also important pollinators.

Jay Foster
Plight Of the Pollinators

Field Projects Award 
Pollinators Garden Award
Natalie Von Vleck Award
Good Seed Studios Award
                                                   and more to come!!!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

BIll Gusky Building a New Art Narrative

Bill Gusky
Bill Gusky is showing at Northwestern Connecticut Community College in Winsted this Thursday, March 22nd at 3PM.
 He will be giving a lecture at his opening on " Building a New Art Narrative." See Bill's great guest blog post from our "Crop Circle" show here. Definitely a don't miss!!

Wood Frogs in March at Flander's Nature Center

A beautiful day at Flander's Nature Center. The frogs agree.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Plight of the Pollinator Awards Update!

Here is the anxiously awaited update on the status of our awards! Yay! And Thank You!!! to our generous donors.

Field Projects Award 
500.00 from an immensely, generous, anonymous supporter of our Arts, Environment, and Educational mission.

Pollinators Garden Award
200.00 which stems from the combined donations of local businesses and like-minded individuals who support the cause. We are working on growing this one:)!

Natalie Von Vleck Award
100.00 for High School Students who have created work that celebrates the pollinators.

  Good Seed Studios Award
  150.00 for best work in the online exhibition.

!! MANY !! MANY!!

Watertown, Connecticut. Opening soon!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Many Thanks To BTS Graphics and Printing

We would like to extend our profound gratitude to Tom Taylor at BTS Graphics and Printing for his generous donation of printing postcards for the “Plight of the Pollinators” event.

BTS Graphics and Printing, founded in 1998 , is now located on Zoar Avenue in Oakville Connecticut. Owner Tom Taylor, a 35 year printing industry veteran, has a high tech print production facility to ensure only the best quality results. BTS offers everything from continuous forms to business cards to 4 color process catalogs and brochures. Here’s a bit of information from the BTS website.

Our Mission
BTS Graphics & Printing has been serving the Greater Waterbury area for more than 10 years with our in-house services ranging from creative design, high-quality full-color printing, state-of-the-art bindery, and digital printing, along with direct mail services. Our goal is to build a first-class company that consistently meets and exceeds the expectations of our customers and clients.

We always aspire to the highest standards of customer service and quality. The concept of doing things right the first time is integral to our company. We deliver high quality printing on time, every time.

We strive to manage both our customer’s personal expectations and our business relationships, all in accordance with the highest standards. We treat all of our customers and clients with the respect and the courtesy they expect and deserve.

Our staff is professional in all aspects of our business. We are innovative in our business approach.

We thrive on input from our customers and look forward to working with each of our clients on their projects. As we grow, we discover many creative ways to improve how we do business. We encourage continuous improvement within our team, our workflow, and our technology.

Customer Service
Our customer service representatives are the lifeblood of our organization. Their Experience and knowledge of the business is one of our greatest assets. They are available to answer your questions, take quote requests and make requested changes to your orders.

If you’re in the Greater Waterbury area and you’re looking for high quality printing services, please do consider supporting local business and get in touch with Tom Taylor and the good folks at BTS Graphics. Everyone involved qith the “Plight of the Pollinators” event is very grateful to Tom for his help. Thanks Tom!

Stay tuned for more information about all of the generous sponsors and donors who will be helping the "Plight of the Pollinators" event take flight!

BTS Contact Information
Phone: 860.274.6422 or 860.482.2848
Address: PO Box 86
36 Zoar Ave
Oakville CT 06779

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Tony Risucci  Student Artist Collaborator on the BEE CHAIR
 Take a Seat!! Our  Bee-Chair for Chair-ity is Ready for Action!!
( I really shouldn't be blogging this late)

Furniture design isn't my usual genre, so I enlisted the help of some talented student collaborators. Toni Risucci of Watertown and Emily Wilcox of Naugatuck, graciously contributed some of their handiwork to the Chair-ity project. Local artists and designers were asked to donate a chair of their choice for a fundraising auction to benefit the Waterbury Youth Service System, Inc. The theme was up to us. So it is no surprise that a particular pollinator was bound to show up in the design:)! The Cocktail Reception and Chair-ity auction will be held at the Country Club of Waterbury on Friday, May 11th,2012 from 5:30PM- 8:30 PM.This seating extravaganza will be on view in prominent  business locations in the Greater Waterbury and Litchfield areas before the May 11th event.

 Designer -Wendy Osborn
  Among the other talent asked to participate in this auction, is our own local art/designer Wendy Osborn. Can't wait to see her creation! Wendy is the owner of Vintage Visions which  currently operates out her home-based studio.Wendy does both hand-painted accessories and restoration of vintage furniture. I stole some work from her FB page to give you a glimpse. A website is coming soon, which I'll post in the future.


Designer-Wendy Osborn
 Designers make sure you check out Plight of the Pollinators

Mead Update:)!

Here is the corrected scoop on that awesome libation we partook in the other night at the  Plight of the Pollinators Lecture/ Presentation.  If you would like to try some of this yourself  contact John at Discount Liquor in Woodbury, CT. The Mead is made by a Californian company, Honey Run Winery,  which you can check out here. Highly recommend you stock up for this weekend:)! Thanks John.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Plight of the Pollinator's Kick off Lecure Recap

Dr.Susan Cusato Lecturing at the  Flanders Welcome Center-Photo- Mike Amodeo
Apologies for the delay in this post!!
 The Plight of the Pollinators kick off  lecture /presentation was this past Friday evening. It was well attended, very informative,and tasty! Dr.Cusato gave a great talk on some of the key issues facing our pollinator decline. She spoke not only of bees but of the alarming loss of our bat population in Connecticut. Bats are also important pollinators as well as important for keeping the mosquito population under control.She reported that many bee keepers in the area have lost  a large percentage of their hives and spoke of  her own trials in becoming a beekeeper. Though the talk was  descriptive of the critical issue facing the pollinator population, Dr.Cusato provided many positive opportunities to make a difference. Many of them  would not require a whole lot of effort on the part of the public or agricultural professionals. Basic implementations such as; the reduction of chemical pesticide use around the home or landscaping situations, letting your lawn grass grown for a bit longer in order to allow the bees to forage on the clover, changing the time of day for mowing, timing field and meadow mowing so as to allow the pollinators more time to dine, and the discontinuation of genetically modified or round-up ready crops!
There were many more ideas she gave in how one could get involved and enhance the chances of promoting healthy eco-systems for bees, birds and bats. In response to the lecture Dianne Parmalee of Flanders, has organized a Bee co-op where people can buy shares in hives and have the opportunity to bee mentored by expert beekeeper Al Avitabile! We're In!!

Artist/Beekeeper Randy Orzano- Photo- Mike Amodeo
Artist Beekeeper Randy Orzano presented his inter-species collaborative work, after Dr.Cusato's lecture, which was very intriguing. He spoke about his mixed- media drawings and how working with these creatures has effected his process and overall outlook as an artist. Besides speaking about his artwork, Randy also shared his personal journey as a beekeeper. He generously shared his  stories and resources about those experiences. 

The evening ended sweetly with incredibly, delicious, Mead. MMM. It was goood.And now I cannot for the life of me, remember the name!!! Apologies Mead Maker! (Check back tomorrow and I'll post this delicious Nectar's source)!

For more details on how you can be part of the Be-Friend Coop email flanders@flandersnaturecenter.org or visit www.flandersnaturecenter.org

Jay Foster

 Participate! in the Plight of the Pollinators Call to Artists

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Shicong Huang and Gavin Tan Singapore Short Film Award
Congratulations!!!go out to my friends in Singapore, Shicong Huang and Gavin Tan, for winning the award for Best Animation in the Singapore Short Film Awards!!! You guys earned it!! I'm throwing in some bragging rights for my too modest husband, Jay Foster, for creating the sound for their animation "Burger, Burger!" and being nominated for Best Sound in  the Singapore Short Film Awards competition for two years in a row for the films he worked on!!! KUDOS to all who worked on that film!!!!

Burger Burger! Still - Shicong Huang and Gavin Tan

Image from the Singapore Short Film Award Website


master study sketches & short pose sketch- Bridget Grady
This one day workshop will be an opportunity to develop your portrait sketching skills. Students will learn a simple method of taking the portrait from a flattened description to a more life like form.
The morning session will have you working from old masters drawings as an initial reference for the study and practice of facial forms,optical measuring techniques, and shape relationships. The afternoon session will take the knowledge gained from the morning session and apply it to the live model. Previous drawing experience is helpful but serious beginners will gain valuable foundation skills and exercises to assist their development.

Instructor: Bridget Grady
This class will run from 10:00 AM - 4PM, Saturday, April 7th, with a 45 minute break for lunch. Participants should bring a lunch or can frequent several nearby restaurants. 
Tuition 90.00 plus a 20.00 model fee. A 50 percent deposit is required to hold a spot in this class.

Materials needed - 9" x 12" or 11" x 14" drawing pad,(bristol or vellum finish such as Strathmore drawing papers), HB,2B,2H graphite pencils,(a mechanical pencil is recommended),a sharpener, and kneaded eraser.

Friday, March 9, 2012

REMINDER! Plight of the Pollinator's Kick off Lecure Tonight at Flanders

Jay Foster
The public is invited to the “Plight of the Pollinators” lecture and spring art challenge kick off at Flanders Studio Welcome Center on the corner of Flanders and Church Hill Road in Woodbury on March 9th,  to hear about global honey bee disorders and threats to insect pollinators.
Guest speaker Dr. Susan Cusato is the Chairperson of the Science Education and Environmental Studies at Southern Connecticut State University. Her academic background includes degrees in plant science, biochemistry, and environmental studies. She is currently teaching a course entitled “Pollinators: a Case Study in Sustainability”. She and her husband live in Woodbury and are beginner beekeepers learning first hand the challenge of keeping bees while struggling against environmental and disease related threats that regularly take their toll on the hives.

Guest Artist Randy Orzano will also present his artwork to view and talk about the creative process of creating with bees. 
 (a $5 donation is requested for the lecture to benefit Flanders Nature Center and Land Trust)

Area artists who work in a variety of media, are encouraged to attend for more information on the Plight of the Pollinators: Call to Artists Juried Exhibition. For a prospectus click HERE!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bee Spotting!

First Pollinator- Heidrun Morgan
Jay Foster
Newtown, Connecticut artist Heidrun Morgan, sent in a pic today of the first pollinator sighting of the season.YAY!
Awareness is building!
Looking forward to a fused glass entry to

of the Pollinators!

 Reminder! The lecture/presentation with Dr. Susan Cusato and artist Randy Orzano is tomorrow night at Flanders Nature Center and Land Trust starting at 7PM.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Let there be Light" Workshop Pics!

 Photo shoot in the Painting studio
The "Let There be Light" workshop, conducted this past weekend  by master photographer Georgia Sheron, was a great success! Here are some images from the variety of shoots that took place through out the Blue Horse Arts and JFoster Music Studios Complex. Many of the images give a glimpse of our new space  that is currently under construction. The "Plight of the Pollinator"  exhibit will be held in the 2400 square foot renovated studio this June.

 Portrait Lighting

Georgia has plans for a couple of new workshops in the near future. For more info on this contact Georgia Sheron at 860-274-7823.

Industrial Space Lighting

Participants  Hard at Work

A Shoot in the New Space, Our Cultural Supporter Steve Shappy in the Background

Jay Foster

 Photographers are highly encouraged to enter our call for art.
 Click  on Plight of the Pollinator for a prospectus and a direct link to the call.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Deer Party!

This morning we were visited by a family of deer browsing in our backyard.This is the second time in a month that a mother and her two kids have graced our yard, and that of our neighbors. After they moved on we had a herd of about seven in total run through,flags up.(Of course the good shots are were as blurry as I before a substantial intake of coffee)!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Just a Reminder ! Photography Workshop with Georgia Sheron

Georgia Sheron
Just a Reminder!!
Guest Artist and Master Photographer Georgia Sheron will be holding a one day workshop at Blue Horse Arts Studio on March 3rd, 2012 from 12PM- 5PM. Check out the info on our Events Page!