Thursday, November 24, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sketchbook Randomness

Graphite on Paper-Bridget Grady

A couple of  random pics from the sketchbook.Purely from invention.One never really knows where they come from or where they will end up:)!

Graphite on Paper-Bridget Grady
Graphite on Paper-Bridget G

Sunday, November 20, 2011

International Painting Annual !

Painting by Elsa Munoz
The Manifest International Painting Annual, Volume I publication has finally arrived this week!!!!! I am so excited to be included in this peer reviewed catalog and feel privileged to be in the company of some really fine painters!

"Conversation with Pieter and Paul" by Bridget Grady
The book is beautifully designed and printed and contains images from the finalists as well as texts on the topic of painting. 

According to the preface page in the publication, "Manifest received over 1200 submissions from 430 artists in 46 states and 26 countries." The works were selected by an anonymous blind jury of arts professionals in the fields of art, design,criticism, and art history.

Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center is an arts organization that continually hosts high quality exhibitions of artworks from a variety of  studio-based disciplines.

Paintings by Cole Carothers
Here are some pics from the catalog.The photos do not do the publication or works justice.

Paintings by Dana Saulnier
Manifest's bookstore contains some great publications on contemporary art that are beautifully produced and well worth the modest purchase price.
To obtain a copy of the International Painting Annual  click below

For more information on this exhibition or the Manifest Creative Research Center please visit their website.

To obtain a copy of the International Painting Annual  click below

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Crop Circle Show Pic's

Tina,Hugh,Anne,Mat,Billy,Kristie,and Jay setting up
Artists-Janice Bielowa,Hugh O'Donnell,Bud,Eileen,Dad,and Ritchie
Milo, Joyce, and Dad
A little belated but after Alfred, a week without power, and a complete computer meltdown here is some pics from the show.We are slowly collecting more pictures and video but here it is for now.Apologies for the blur! The evening itself was a blur with over 200 hundred stopping by and staying for some art, food, wine and song! We were so happy with the turn out and support from our friends,family, the artists and musicians, and new friends we made!! THANK YOU you all!!!!! and Thank You Nancy!!!

Blue Horse Arts Studio  
Installation View

Billy Cactus and Jay Foster on Mandolin

Image Right
Billy Cactus,
Dan Sharkey's knee,
and Jay Foster on Mandolin


 "Sea Turtle"
Mantang Gonzales 
Sea Turtle - Matang Gonzales
Artists- Moniera Stotz,Lee Cordon, Hugh O'Donnell


Artist Barbara Grossman and Guests
Watching The Electric Bakery

Cupcake - Haute - Couture Anne Flynn

Visiting Witches Brenda and Robin


                                                                                                                              Image Left
                                     Kristie O' Donnell,
                                    Matang Gonzales,
                                    and Carol MacDonald

Kevin,Alex,Jay, and Dan


 Image Right
Electric Bakery
Kevin,Alex,Jay, and Dan

Gabby,Kristie,Billy,Jay,and Dave

 Image Right

Between Sets
Gabby,Kristie,Billy,Jay,and Dave

Georgia, Ginny, and Eileen Coladarci

                              JFoster Music Studio 
                             Gallery Room View
                             Georgia Sheron Photographer
                             (Sorry for the blurry pic:)!)
                             Ginny, and the fabulous
                             Eileen Coladarci



Image Right Top
Mosaic Artist
Heiu Morgan

Image Right
" Family Portrait
A Piece from Georgia Sheron's 
Documentary Series

 A very special thanks to our  "Lord of the Land" Steve Shappy!!
A major supporter of the arts unbeknownst to the area and probably even himself!!!!!!!
Thank You ! Steve from Jay and Bridget!!!!!!

A Blurry End ! Sometime Around Midnight!

Dad, Steve, and Fran