Friday, June 24, 2011

Crystal Spring Farm

This is a reminder that the Jayne family/Crystal Spring Farm benefit pasta dinner will be held to today. (See the earlier post). The event will be held at the VFW, Route 6, Thomaston, Connecticut. The hours are from 5-8PM. Many area merchants and restaurants have generously donated gifts for raffle prizes for the event. T- Shirts donated from the Shirt Bakery will be available for a ten dollar donation. If you live in the area please stop by in and participate in a good cause.Thank You!

The other day I found some old photographs in drawer of a cabinet that my grandfather made to hold his paints. My grandfather Sydney P. Wells was a painter. His primary motif was flowers picked from his garden and the rural landscape of the area. My mother started riding when I was about three years old at Crystal Spring Farm. Kitchen table legend has it that during one of her first riding lessons with Bud Jayne, the horse she rode, “Kathan”, jumped the four foot fence out of the ring. She stayed on both the horse and the farm and thus began my long relationship with horses. Horses from the farm and around the area began to wander into my grandfather’s paintings. Among the old polaroid images of area farms I found some circa 1966 pictures of Art Jayne with one of the racehorses the bred at the farm.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Hell's Leprechaun
One if By Land, Two if by Sea..... A quote  from the poem " Paul Revere's Ride" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Dad's traveled by sea on his sailboat the "Y-Naut" and by air in 3 Cherokee,one Cessna,one Mooney, and one Vari  Eze, a.k.a. the Bat Mobile,but that's another story... He is back to land now on his Honda 250, so you've been fairly warned!:) Happy Father Day Dad!!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Open Drawing Session

Just a reminder there will be an open figure drawing session this coming Monday night. June 20th, from 7PM - 10PM. Suggested donation is $10.00.Come on Down!
Please R.S.V.P. as spaces are limited.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crystal Spring Farm

Our good friends, The Jayne family, had a fire last Thursday at their farm on Northfield Road. There will be a benefit dinner fundraiser on June 24 from 5-8 PM at the VFW Post 5157 located at 866 Thomaston Road (Route 6). The dinner will include a raffle. The cost is a $10 dollar donation. For more information contact Tina Biello at (203) 525-7863. Thanks.

My early artistic training began on this farm. It is a piece of the story behind the Blue Horse Studio name. Hours of drawing horses at the kitchen table. Copying Thellwell ponies, horse photos from the Chronicle of the Horse and other racing magazines, or making up my own stories about the animals and people at the farm. This was always done with constant encouragement from Art’s mother, Ginny Jayne. I learned to see angles and compositional balance from studying the anatomy and conformation of the horse. Nature and the seasons were observed and digested on the back of a horse or on the front of a tractor, with a stuffed animal tucked under my arm, in the hay fields with Art. I was too young then to drive the McCormack or John Deere. That was a privilege that had to wait until I was seven or eight. However my 4 year old contribution to his sweat simmered labor was to occasionally put the pin in to the hitch of the hay wagon while ducking barn swallows perturbed by our presence in the field. The Farm is where I learned my work ethic, for to be a farmer requires the utmost in perseverance. The Farm was the best of my childhood and I am sure I share that with many others who had the privilege of growing up there.
If you would like to make a personal donation to the family farm please send donations to;
The Jayne Family Farm Fund
P.O. Box 416
Watertown, Connecticut
Further contact information can be obtained from Lisa Dalton, at the Watertown Town Clerk Office, Watertown, CT.
 Keep checking back for updates.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Welcome to Blue Horse Arts!

The Studios are finally finished and we are ready to open! Have a look around the blog.
Check back for course,event updates, and general musings. 

 Feel free to contact us at 

As of late I’ve been out in the landscape painting again in this gorgeous weather reconnecting to my roots. By happen-chance I had the opportunity to catch a great lecture today given by Jennifer Kreiger at the Mattatuck Museum of Art. “Remember the Ladies: Women Artists of the Hudson River School”: The First Annual Julia Q. Keggi Lecture Rediscovering Forgotten Women Artists was the title of the presentation. Ms. Krieger introduced a feisty group of woman hiking the mountains in hoop skirts, petticoats, and button up boots,   trudging their painting gear up the rocky ledges of the Catskills and going where few women of the time had tread before. The work was exquisite and has been seldom seen in public venues. The lecture was based on a show of the same title hosted at the Thomas Cole National Historic Site. I believe that show has passed but a national traveling exhibition with additional paintings is in the works. Looking forward to that!  Here’s link to Cedar Grove Remember The Ladies for catalog and exhibition information.

I haven’t had the opportunity to visit the Mattatuck since I left for Singapore and thought the museum looked really great. They have a nice collection of artworks by artists who lived or painted in the area in the 19th and early 20th century. I  highly encourage anyone who hasn’t been there in awhile to revisit the space.