Thursday, May 17, 2012


The Finalists for the "Plight of the Pollinators" exhibition  held in the "Field Projects" Exhibition Space at
Blue Horse Arts and Jay Foster Music Studios
!(Drum Roll Please)!

High School Students

Yeojin Kwon-  DE
Sarah Nehring TX

Emma McGovern, Maya Tors, Kathy Lee, Hannah Hudson, Emma Beaulieu, SooJin Chi, Eunice Oh, Lauren Benedetto, Amber Shelton, Alexis Zimmerman, Sarah Corsico, Myrna Cox, Joon Choi


Professionals and Adults

Kathleen Austin MA
Maryanne Benns MA
Aaron Birk PA
  C.Bonicelli NY
Isabelle Day CT
Bonnie DeWitt  CT
Amy Evans NJ
Barbara Getsinger CT
Freya Goetz RI 
Lucille Scurti NJ
Kelly Shannon AL
Jeanne Stevens-Sollman PA 
Margi Weir MI
Tracey Young TN

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