Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Image by Jay Foster

It's almost here!!! The opening of the show is this Friday from 7-9PM.Fine Artists,Fine Farmers, Fine  Musicians, and Fine Food! So come on down and support our local farmers and other artisans!!!

I've been slacking on the posts and the painting as of late because I've been scurrying around getting the spaces ready and attending to the last minute details. Some of the work is still coming in! And its looking like over 90 works for this event!!!! (A word of warning, if one is expecting to view 90 still life paintings you will be in for a surprise!). Lee Cordon, a late comer to the event (but definitely worth the wait!), delivered four gorgeous paintings today. Her piece on Gustafson's Farm is stunning.Anne Flynn's interpreted works inspired by the cupcakes of La Palette have to be seen to be believed.

I regret I haven't had a chance to represent all of our local farmers or those participating in the Farmer's Market but that work will continue for me through out the year!I would like to say a special thanks to Steve Shappy, the owner of the building, for being so supportive of this show, and the one's in the past, as the Porter Street Artist's Collective. Doreen Breen, the force behind the  Farmer's market and promoting the artisan's in the area, is especially deserving of our thanks! And Eileen Coladarci ROCKS!!!!!!


  Exhibition Hours 
 Saturday,October 29th thru  Sunday,November 5th
 or by appointment 

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