Sunday, October 9, 2011

Artist Ginger Hanrahan in Crop Circle!

 Ethel,the Angel,and a Chorus by Ginger Hanrahan
 Ginger Hanrahan will be one of our participating artists in the “Crop Circle” exhibition. Ginger’s  artwork has graced  the walls of the Blue Horse Arts studio before when she presented some of  her graduate work in our former incarnation as the Porter Street Artist’s Collective.   
Ginger brings to her work a rich background in anthropology and sociology. These field experiences inform her painterly excavations with a personally charged symbolic narrative.Her works are vibrantly interwoven layers of stories and visions. Ginger  currently maintains her studio in Newtown, Connecticut and is an adjunct professor in art and anthropology at Post University in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Rabbit Seer by Ginger Hanrahan

 Ginger writes;

"The nature of my work is to capture random moments when time feels frozen and the conscious mind feels most alive.  Inherent in the moment is the need to tell a story and fill it with a collection of culture based symbols that describe very personal experiences.

In my current series child-like seemingly unrelated objects point toward a deeper analysis of our current patterns of living.
In these works I focus on the ecstasy of food, sexuality, physical movement and the need to sustain physical strength and energy in order to energetically engage in life". 

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