Friday, August 26, 2011

Mitchell Farm Eggplant

Mitchell Farm Eggplant- 6" x 6", oil on board, Bridget Grady

Short Post as we start hunkering down before the perils of Irene.This weeks Farmers Market find comes by the way of the Mitchell Family Farm.The family uses organic growing methods and distributes most of their produce through the farmers markets and a few local grocery establishments.This lovely specimen was an ivory white when I first picked it up on Saturday, but has evolved into a much more interesting form and color as the days passed. I spent most of the beginning of the week out in the landscape so I didn't get to this until a few days ago. I'll be up at the Farmers Market with another artist friend of mine Ginger Hanrahan  tomorrow looking for inspiration. Ginger will be  one of the invited artists in  the show  based on local, sustainable farming we will be hosting at Blue Horse Arts. More on that later!

Check out Ginger's Site!

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